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Business Sustainability

The foundation of the Company is laid on the principles of safe and scientific mining, and we are proud to progress into the future, keeping these principles intact. A commitment to conserving the local ecology and the welfare of surrounding communities lie at the heart of all our mining efforts. Our proactive adherence to applicable norms and voluntary environmental protection projects exemplifies our attachment to the rich heritage of our land.

The Company’s award-winning Sustainable Development Framework (SDF) is a benchmark in sustainable mining operations in the country. We are amongst the few mining lessees in the country receiving the Five Star Award every year from the Ministry of Mines, Government of India, from, inception of this in the year 2014 -15.

Supplementary Environment Management Plans (SEMP)

More than 87% of our mining lease is forestland, which we nurture and develop through seamless afforestation initiatives. The Company’s "SEMP programs consist of"

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Waste Dump Management

Consolidation and geo-textile greening, construction of toe walls, retaining walls and gully plugs.

Water Flow Management

Constructing drains, dams, silt settling and water harvesting pits.

Green Cover Management

Plantations and avenue trees.

Scientific and Systematic Mining

The vision of our founders made the Company the vanguard for scientific mining in India. Since its inception, the Company has set exemplary milestones in scientific mining, safety, afforestation and environment protection. Multiple safety and operational excellence awards won by the Company are testimony to its highly evolved and meticulous functioning steeped in scientific rigour. Congregation of the Company's values, culture and philosophy with utmost regard and respect to the various mining statutes and rules have held us in good stead in our approach to scientific and systematic mining.