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CSR Policy

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For us at The Sandur Manganese & Iron Ores Limited (SMIORE), reaching out to under privileged communities is part of our Philosophy and Culture. This entails transcending business interests and grappling with the "quality of life" challenges that underserved communities face, and working towards making a meaningful difference to them.

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SMIORE, for close to six decades, has been consciously contributing towards Social and Environmental improvement and shall continue to have among it's objectives the promotion and growth of the society. The company shall continue to be mindful of it's Social and Moral responsibilities towards Consumers, Employees, Shareholders, and the local Community.

Vision & Mission :



To be a corporate with it's strategies, policies and actions aligned with wider social concerns, through initiatives in education, health, environment and socially relevant matters.



Take proactive measures as a responsible Corporate Citizen for the well-being of society, as per it's needs.

CSR Policy Features


Areas to be covered


Implementation process

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