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Capability Building

Having grown from strength to strength in the past six-and-a-half decades, we have always focused on building and strengthening internal capabilities, including infrastructure, systems, processes, and people. Out of these, the development of our people has been pivotal to us, and we drive extensive training and development programs to give holistic grooming to our employees, helping them do better in their respective fields and derive higher levels of work satisfaction.

At SMIORE, the training & development efforts are focused on three core skill areas; Behavioural, Managerial and Technical. With the help of tools, such as assessments, one-on-one discussions, 360-degree feedback, peer reviews, etc., our high-calibre training team assesses training needs and keeps track of the training impact.

The main objective of the various training programs is to make employees more comfortable with new technologies, be up-to-date and skilled to deliver better with ease and efficiency.

Behavioural Training :

We conduct various workshops and training programs to address the behavioural aspects of our employees. We help them improve on time management, emotional intelligence, personal effectiveness, and teamwork, among others.

Managerial Training :

An essential part of leadership grooming, we train our employees on work and team management, problem-solving, decision-making, effective communication, and enhanced interpersonal skills.

Technical Training :

Keeping our workforce in step with the technological advancements at the workplace, we organise frequent technical upskilling for our employees.