Welfare Initiatives

The founders of SMIORE and leaders who followed them have always striven to give the employees a sense of belonging and affection. Hence, taking good care of our employees has always been integral to the organisation's philosophy. We run multiple schemes and programs to support and benefit our 4300+ direct and indirect employee force in every essential facet of life. Some of our welfare programs are listed below :


Food Security Scheme

Our employees receive monthly packets of essential food items at the price points of 1972. A food package for a family of 5 costs ₹145, a fraction of the present cost of ₹3,500. For the last five decades, the Company has been absorbing the balanced food cost, insulating its employees from inflation and protecting their real income.


Subsidized LPG Cylinder

Cooking fuel is a part of food expense, and thus the Company provides LPG cylinders to employee families at 90% subsidy. The LPG subsidy was commenced to encourage employees to opt for a greener fuel source for everyday cooking and reduce the dependence on firewood.


Housing Loan Subsidy

Every person dreams of owning a home. At SMIORE, we give wings to our employees' ambition for a dream house by providing them housing loans at an effective rate of 1% only. The Company pays the difference on behalf of its employees.


Other Perquisites

Our employee welfare programs extend to cushion our people against financial pressure at various life stages. Some key welfare schemes include cash allowances, cloth subsidies, marriage and festival gifts, medical care, sickness benefit's, education and training facilities, housing & electricity, and more.