Vision, Mission & Philosophy

  • Grow as a reputed business house by consolidating the manganese & iron ore activities into a significant conglomerate with downstream integration of ferroalloys, power and steel; supported by robust corporate governance practices based on the principles of fair play, integrity, ethics and social welfare.
  • Ensure safe, systematic and scientific mining practices, with concern and aim to preserve the environment & ecology, and uphold our reputation as a responsible mining company.
  • Build a happy and contented society using effective and appropriate technology to improve the living standards and infrastructure facilities in the local region, with emphasis on education, health, training rural youth for better employability, solar electricity in every home and street, clean drinking water and sanitation for all.
  • Continue preserving and promoting art, culture, heritage and traditions of Sandur and the surrounding villages.


The biggest assets of the company are our honest, dedicated, diligent, ethical and responsible employees. It is them who have sustained the company for decades and will continue to do so. The welfare of employees and the responsibility to improve living conditions and standard of life are at the core of the company’s philosophy. In fact, this is as integral as providing healthy returns to the shareholders. For the employees and their families, the natural resources of SMIORE’s mines are the wealth, while the promoters and management of the company are only their trustees.