Updation of particulars by holders of physical shares

Transmission of Securities

A) Where the securities are held in single name with a nomination :

  • Request Letter
  • Original Share Certificate
  • Duly filled transmission request form by nominee  
  • Original death certificate or copy of death certificate attested by the nominee subject to verification with the original or copy of death certificate duly attested by a notary public or by a gazetted officer
  • Self-attested copy of the Permanent Account Number card of the nominee, issued by the Income Tax Department and Address proof of the nominee
  • Client Master List of the demat account of the nominee

B) Where the securities are held in single name without a nomination :


Claim of Shares & Dividend from IEPF

A) Upload Form IEPF-5 :

  • Visit Ministry of Corporate Affairs website (www.mca.gov.in). Register yourself as a User
  • After login, claimant needs to fill IEPF 5 form online and submit with Ministry of Corporate Affairs
  • SRN will be generated and you will be asked for payment option (Pay Now or Pay later)
  • Click on Pay now option only to generate the acknowledgement. Fee will be zero
  • Click on Finish. Acknowledgement will be generated
  • Save the PDF for your records and Print a copy for being forwarded to the Company

B) Submission of documents to the Company :

Send the attachments prescribed below to Nodal Officer (IEPF) of the Company in an envelope marked “claim for refund from IEPF Authority” for initiating the verification for claim:

  • Print out of duly filled and uploaded claim form IEPF-5; with claimant signature on all pages and if joint holders are involved than the Form should be signed by all the joint holders;
  • Copy of acknowledgement generated after uploading the claim Form IEPF-5 with claimant signature;
  • Indemnity Bond (original) auto generated after uploading the claim Form IEPF 5 with signature of claimant and witness on requisite stamp paper;
  • Self-attested copy of Aadhaar Card of the claimant and if joint holders are there, Copy of Aadhar card of all the joint holders;
  • Original Share Certificate and Dividend Warrants;
  • Original cancelled cheque leaf;
  • Copy of PAN Card;
  • Client Master List of De-mat A/c of the claimant;
  • Transmission related documents, if applicable;
  • In case of loss of share certificate, documents submitted to the company for issue of duplicate share certificate;
  • In case of mismatch in name and/or address, an affidavit for change in name duly notarised and stamped.