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Environmental Conservation

The consciousness towards conserving the environment is deeply rooted in our philosophy of respecting, nurturing and regenerating the land that offers us sustenance. Our core corporate values emphasize safe, systematic mining practices to preserve the environment and ecology. Over the years, SMIORE has donated large tracts of ore-rich land to the forest department for conservation and remains one of the few mining organizations in the country to be recognized for its environmental protection and afforestation initiatives.

Focused Environmental Conservation Initiatives led by SMIORE

Afforestation and development of green zones

Rainwater harvesting for recharging groundwater

Preventing soil erosion by constructing check dams, gully plugs, drains, toe walls, etc.

Recycling water for industrial operations

Increasing adoption of Solar power in residential blocks

Installation of the downhill conveyor as a pollution-free solution to transport product to the railway siding