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Health Program

The Company runs several preventive healthcare programs, awareness camps, dispensaries and hospitals to ensure that our people get immediate free medical care.

Key Medical Healthcare initiatives sponsored and managed by the Company are:

Arogya Community Health Centre, a well-equipped hospital at Sandur

Specialized eye care centre with 40 beds, and regular cataract camps

Sunday speciality medical camps and annual health camps for cancer detection, woman and childcare, cardiac care, paediatrics, orthopedic treatment and ENT

Financial aid to the needy for advanced medical care to treat major ailments

Free consultation and medication at dispensaries and hospitals at Sandur, Mining Camps at Deogiri & Subbarayana Halli, Swamihalli & Yeshwanthnagar, and Occupational Health Centre at the plant

Outreach programmes for primary eye and health check-ups in the neighbouring villages

Ongoing sanitation programmes such as the construction of toilet blocks and individual toilets in villages and mining buffer zones

COVID-19 Vaccinations: Free vaccination for employees and their family members given at Dispensaries in Deogiri, Occupational Health Center in the Plant and Government Hospital in Sandur